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Photo Guides with Natural History Notes

Coloring to relieve stress has been on the rise among adults in America. Our coloring book features Sonoran Desert plants and animals seen in our award-winning film DESERT DREAMS.

You’ll find 12 beautiful desert-themed illustrations stitched into a 9”x12” folder with front and back inside pockets. For printing, we chose soy-based inks and a printing company (Arizona Lithographers in Tucson) that runs on 100% renewable energy.

Each page is printed one-side-only on high quality paper; and we have tested the ink to make certain it won’t smear when the pages are colored with solvent-based pens. If you’d like to frame your artwork, each illustration is sized to fit neatly in the window of any standard 8”x10” mat or frame.

And for those who prefer to color realistically, we have compiled photographs that were used in the creation of the illustrations.

Photographs with the names and information about the animals featured in each drawing can be seen below. For the cover, I colored portions of the jackrabbit illustration with Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils. The colors are rich and can be muted or removed with an Artgum Eraser. Many art supply stores sell the pencils individually so that you can supplement a set with less common colors.

We hope that you enjoy this unusual coloring book. It’s designed for adults but will interest children too.


Click on thumbnail of each illustration below to see color photos and natural history notes for these plants and animals.

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